Eric Tang: Spent

I chose this game over the rest because I was curious about what kind of scenarios will be implemented into this game. When the game first started out I was given three job options, I decided to be a mover as it provided the most stable hours and pay. Unfortunately this job also meant that I would be putting my health at risk, but I came into this game with the idea that this would only be temporary while I’m getting out of this financial hole. By the end of the game, the risk and reward of my choice was debatable as I finished the game with multiple health problems that if left unchecked/untreated at some point may endanger my life. Even though I knew my job would be risky I decided to opt out of the health plans as the cost would take away any of my savings at the end of the month. Like I mentioned before, my plan was to get out of this financial trouble so I held my breath and hoped that over the next couple of months no serious health problems will develop. For groceries, I basically went in and bought almost all my regular grocery but of course I looked mostly at carbs and protein and overlooked vegetables as they were out of my budget. I stuck mainly with top ramen and potatoes for carbs, orange juice for vitamin C, frozen chicken for protein and some carrots and beans for fiber.

Living day to day meant that I had to constantly reach out to relatives and friends for help whether they be financial or with house chores. In regards to my child’s livelihood, I made sure he got everything he needed because in the off chance that I can no longer work or support him financial, he would have been taught certain skills that cannot be lost if he ever found himself broke like myself. So when he wanted to go to a genius camp, he went. When he wanted to go attend an afterschool sport, he did. The only thing I did not allow him to have was not eating free school lunches. I personally was a “free lunch” kid and I had no problem with getting free meals. The meal was the same as the rest of the other cafeteria food and the cost would have burned a hole in my wallet.

The systemic effect related to poverty is that it is easy to fall into it but extremely hard to get yourself out without having a bit of luck. To be honest, even after penny pinching my way through the month, I will not be able to save enough unless I neglected my child’s opportunities to attend camp and sports. While I would never compare my life to the one portrayed in this game, what I can say is that with the budget my family is on I appreciate what opportunities have been given to me and a new found appreciation for those who have given them to me.

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