Pedro Moreira : Spent

Game Basics

Choose a job, and play through the month. How did your choice impact your month?

I decided to choose the Restaurant, trying to avoid the stress from office and the physical work from the warehouse, but in the other hand I had less money.

Where did you choose to live? Why, and what are the benefits and costs of that choice?

I chose to live the most near possible, so in case of car problems, I would still be able to go to work. As consequence, the rent price got very high.

Theme Insights

How do different jobs affect someone’s living?

Some jobs provide better salaries, but also may require more physical resources or are more stressful. So, take the job with the best salary isn’t always the best job, once the negative effects can be very expensive.

How did the financial challenges affect your morals and decisions?

Throughout the game I tried to make morally correct choices and tried to grow my children as well as I could. In the beginning I tried to provide the best education possible to my children, sometimes I just didn’t have enough money. Throughout the month I was running out of sources and I realized that every chance to do things by myself was very important in order to save money.

World Connections

How did playing change the way you think about your own or other’s struggles with money?

I started to think more about asking a friend for help and how unexpected things may bring new problems.

Other than learning the importance of saving money, what other skills did you learn?

Apply the money properly, trying not only solve the current problems but also to have a more successful future, investing on education and keeping myself healthy.

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  1. This game makes me appreciate my college education so much more. Living like you do in this game sounds terrifying.

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