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Minecraft is a very different and unique game, because it is a game that only entails the player to build whatever they want with the tools available to them. The game starts with my avatar in the middle of a randomized terrain (near a lake in a forest biome). Immediately, I begin gathering materials starting with the trees for wood. These materials allowed me to craft tools which would allow me to gather more resources and at a faster pace. When night fall was about to occur, I created a small hole in a mountain, set up an improvised camp and block the entrance so monsters could not get inside. Then I would mine more materials through digging downward and exploring caves. I repeated this process of going out and exploring and creating on the surface at day, while doing the same thing underground at night, making unique creations like a house or new caves.

I would make multiple chests to store my resources when I need to make room in my inventory. Then only take the particular resources I would need for whatever task I am doing. When acquiring rare resources, I would use them to create valuable tools or creations. For creations I would set it up for my unique creation, but for the tools I would save only for when I really need it to lengthen its use, particularly diamond. Unfortunately,   diamond was really hard to come by as it’s mainly found in areas near lava which can be hazardous and even then are a rare find. All I could do was be patient and careful and then I would be rewarded with the materials

There are a lot of resources that can easily be renewed like plants and food sources provided the necessary steps are taken to ensure a continued source such as a garden, but things like coal and redstone were finite and can only be used as much as you can find like oil in the real world. Creating things such as a garden to grant ones own plants and trees required first knowing the steps to renew that resource, then creating a system to implement that  such as an irrigation system and soil to plant, and finally performing the action and waiting the required time need

4 thoughts on “Peter Talavera : Minecraft

  1. Good job! Looking from resources to buildings, it was a few days in Minecraft, but our ancestors spent thousands of year to finish this process.

  2. Minecraft is such an excellent teaching tool because there are so many things you can teach with it! I have even seen videos of teachers implementing minecraft into their class curriculum.
    An irrigation system is an excellent example of what minecraft is capable of teaching!

  3. Although I’ve never played Minecraft myself, I’m fully aware of the game’s popularity and have watched several of my friends devote hours to its unique world. It’s interesting to hear someone’s perspective on the game regarding conservation and resourcefulness rather than listening to those who play merely for fun.

  4. I really liked the survival portion of your journey. Using the mountain as shelter was ingenious. Also setting up a method to renew your resources was ideal. I can definitely see the educational benefits of this game now even though they aren’t first readily apparent.

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