Torrie Cannon Pandemic II

Pandemic II Critic

Choose different types of symptoms to start the game. What type of symptom did you choose? Why? [+1]
With the basics of the game I chose to start with a cough, because it’s not very noticeable, as well as it makes the disease airborne, which is very hard to control.

Read the breaking news on the left corner. What is happening in the world and how does it inform your strategy? [+2]
Watching the breaking news of how the countries and world reacts to the disease is very informative but I didn’t examine it well enough and went symptom happy and it became contained easier than I would have liked. I should have noticed where the drought’s and flooding were and pushed my disease towards certain parts of the world to help it spread. I found it very helpful and interesting to watch though.

Looking at the map, what countries are the hardest ones to infect and why? [+3]
Unfortunately my disease didn’t spread past South America but I have seen this game played before and I would say the hardest country to infect seems to be Canada and Greenland because of their cold temperatures and the virus or bacteria not being able to evolve very well.

What kinds of traits did your disease begin the game with? How did those affect your strategy? [+1]
I wanted my disease to be very resistant so I spent most of my evolution points on resistance and its traits were basically a durable virus, I wasn’t able to really expand these traits or change them, that’s what I was given.

How effective was your disease against humanity? Would you evolve in the future? Why? [+2]
My disease was very effective even when it was contained to South America, it killed millions of people and everything in South America was shut down, the airports, hospitals, etc. I would always continue to evolve my disease to make it harder to create a vaccine and to keep it spreading and hard to detect.

How do nations work to prevent pandemics? [+3]
I thought that the nations in the game worked very well together, it seemed like they communicated fairly well and that was how they were able to contain it so well. I feel like they worked to prevent it from spreading and tried their best to keep the rest of the world safe. Other outside countries such as the United States even started working on a vaccine and when I changed the way the disease spread, they acted very quickly to stop it.

If the disease you created in your game was unleashed against humanity in real life, how effective do you think it would be? Would humanity be able to stop it before it spreads out of control? Why? [+3]
I think that if this disease was unleashed on humanity they would have more trouble containing it but in the end all of the countries would band together and fight the disease as South America did in my game. The disease would be very effective because it was a virus and they are quite hard to treat but I believe it could be stopped as long as scientists from around the world worked together to create a vaccine or worked to contain it and hope for the best.

How can a game like Pandemic II be useful against actual pandemics? [+3]
I think the game is very effective in potentially helping against a pandemic. The game makes you think like a disease, you have to treat it like a chess game and I think that, that’s exactly what battling a disease is, a long complicated chess game, understanding it’s moves and then counter-acting them.

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