Game Basics

Choose a job, and play through the month. How did your choice impact your month?

I chose to be a waiter in a restaurant, because I just needed to work 3 hours per day and had 3 days off. So I had more time to take care of the kids, and I gave the kids all they wanted.

Where did you choose to live? Why, and what are the benefits and costs of that choice?

I chose to live in the place near my working area, because I can reduce uses of car and cut down the cost in cars. Although the rental fee was a little bit higher, but it was still cheaper than monthly car insurance.

Theme Insights

How do different jobs affect someone’s living?

I lost the job at 24th day of the month, so I could not make it through one whole month. Because waiter is the job of low threshold, anyone can apply for this and the employer can kick anyone out easily. Being a waiter is a job with instability, so I was worried about being kicked out all of the time.

How did the financial challenges affect your morals and decisions?

I did not go to my friend’s wedding just because I could not afford the air ticket, and I was unable to pay the loan which will affected my credit which I was unable to take care of. I would take the rick of driving without insurance just because no money.

World Connections

How did playing change the way you think about your own or other’s struggles with money?

After playing this game, I feel more to understand those people standing by the road and asking for money. Some of them do have trouble in life, maybe many of them have a big family to feed. Also, this game taught me that life is not easy, there are a lot of worries waiting for me.

Other than learning the importance of saving money, what other skills did you learn?

I think a good management of money is necessary. I spent money unconsciously within one week just because the cost was not high. However, I could not pay the loan at the next week. So if I have a overview of which money I really have to pay at the beginning of the month, I think I would make a good plan and put the money in good use.

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