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Currently, I’m an English Literature major with a minor in Educational Studies at Arizona State University. I plan to become a school counselor soon with hopes of helping to reform education and using literature in my counseling work. So of course I wasn’t the most enthused about this class. I have never been much into video games or games at all. So when this project came up I realized that I needed to think a bit outside the box, some way that I could still write or use my skills as an English major to my advantage. That’s where came in handy. Luckily I was able to write most of game and use that program to create the game. I created a single player, multi-ending game about a transgender girl who is bullied by a boy that is secretly also transgender. This is big topic in today’s high schools where I eventually want to work so I thought this was a good place to begin. I knew a transgender kid when I was in high school and they weren’t very well liked so I knew this was something that needed attention. I want future students of mine to always know there’s more than one side of the story, that every story has multiple perspectives and thus the game Perspective was born.

Through playing Perspective I hope players finish the game with a few thoughts and insights. First, I would like players to be mindful of and recognize the struggles that face students throughout their schooling career (gender, bullying, etc.)  I gave three different points of view so that players could really see things in different lights and different mindsets. I believe that was my most important goal for my game. I think seeing and understanding that fact is a huge part of the players’ experiences. Another thing I want players to take away from my game is a feeling of empathy for each character, the struggles they face and how much a single choice can affect someone else. Empathy was the big theme of my game and I hope that anyone who plays the game is able to see how I set that up to be portrayed. As players finish the game, I hope that they will walk away with the realization of how choices have consequences and that they will consider their own choices more carefully. On a larger scale, I would love for this game to help individuals, such as teachers, to realize some of the things that impact their students, ideally bullying and stereotyping. In doing so, I would hope that teachers can create a more accepting learning environment that more effectively helps outcast or bullied students succeed.


Perspective an impact game