• Adam Ingram-Goble posted an update in the group Group logo of Full ClassFull Class 4 years, 9 months ago

    Hi all, I’m checking in because while I’ve seen some good work in the group channels over the last two days, I’ve only seen one pitch document shared today as a draft.

    I want to make sure everyone is on track to refine the impact guide pitch docs today, and that they are submitted to me before class. If you don’t already have themes and impact areas selected for your two games, your group needs to get to work immediately. (I’ve noticed that some groups seem to be lagging)

    I may reject the themes you choose if you aren’t able to clearly articulate them, which would put you behind for the first boss, and risk a major part of your grade. Note, the individual guides are due the following week by class, so this pitch document is meant to set you up for success.

    Janet will be presenting the paper by Barab et al., and we’ll have a guest speaker that presents Steinkhuler’s work. I would encourage you to begin identifying papers from the following weeks that you want to present–and email me a request to present it–because we will quickly reach the point where you do not have options.

    Hope your weekends, gameplay, and life in general are going well. Its been busy for me :-)