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    Hi Elite 4,

    I’m giving feedback on the Half-life 2 pitch. I’m struggling to see how you’ll be able to connect the game to the impact areas and themes you’ve called out beyond the surface level. In part because the game-play is on rails, so there is very little choice as you point out in the justification of how the game could be about engaged citizenship.

    To some degree I can only see the combo of Cultural Emergence + [ Oppression or Humanity ] as working, because you could use the guide to encourage the player to look for metaphors for where/how they experience or see oppression in their lives, or for the other theme, what values are essential to being human. But the example questions are skewing too much to superficial engagement, and I’m worried about how you’d connect it all at the “Theme Insight” and “World Connections” level.

    I’d like you to spend a little time considering how you’d make the pairings I mention above work for those deeper engagement levels before class, so we can make sure you’re on a good path going forward. You may have a vision that will really work, but I didn’t get it from the draft.

    From the website:
    1) Engaged Citizenship: Games inspire collective action for the common good, encouraging citizens to work together to engage with societal problems and create manageable solutions for change.

    2) Cultural Emergence: Games provide a creative ecosystem for the wisdom of diverse cultures to be given a voice, purpose and place in history as well as our present day life.