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    Hi Class,

    I am just getting to doing reviews right now. If you uploaded a word document or pdf, please dump that text into a google doc that you create in the folder. The point of using the google drive is that with google docs when someone comments on your text you will get notifications, and it supports discussion in those comments. No other platform has that feature, and it allows me to work more quickly–which means you get better feedback.

    I also want to point out that there is another hour of play expected this week as part of the assignment. Last week’s writing should have focused on issues of race and gender, while this one should draw out ideological issues.

    Last Week: Reflect on how the game is designed to keep the player engaged while teaching them the fundamentals of the underlying game system.
    Draw out the underlying cultural vision of the game. What gender depictions are used? What about race presentation? Are there other critical issues at “play”?

    This Week: Conduct another “think aloud” analysis of one hour of gameplay. This can either be an extension of the last week’s play session, or leverage a new game. the analysis should focus on what ideologies are at play, and how you learn about the ideology through the game. Do Gee’s principles relate?


    I have updated the deadlines for this next boss assignment as well. The first full draft is due by 10/14 @ 11:59pm, with the final version of the paper being due 10/21 @ 11:59pm. As I said in class last night, you may choose to submit your final at any point between the 14th and 21st.

    I have updated the details in the quest for next week that specifies criteria for the Critique-a-saurus boss. Make sure to look at the rubric.

    I have also pushed back the due date for the following boss, and will explain the implications of that for the final boss during next class. In short, I will effectively be folding them (the game design and impact game design) together to reduce the overall load on everyone.

    Please reply here if you have questions. And email me when you have added your gdoc to the folder (only 10 documents are there currently, 1 gdoc).



    • Hi Adam, just want to double check if there is a fixed due date for this week? Are we expected to add the ideological analysis to the paper before next class, or is that incorporated into the 10/14 due date since people were wanting clarity on the Bogost article? Thanks!

      • Another play & think aloud is due this week, the focus this time being on the ideological issues, culture around the game, and expanding any issues from the first bit of writing. So at this point 2 hrs of play should be logged in order to make sure you have sufficient experience with the game to experience, reflect, and deconstruct the game and its surrounding culture.

        I don’t have the impression that people read each other’s work last week, which is the point of the studios and why we set early deadlines.

        So this week I’m leaving it up to each studio to get / give feedback from each other according to their own schedule.

        The next time I’ll be giving feedback will be the full draft papers due by the 14th.

        If there are general questions, this is absolutely the right way to share them. If there are still questions about the Bogost article, I didn’t understand that as being the case at the end of class.

        So what is needed by everyone right now?