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    Dear Class,

    Thank you for a fantastic time tonight! I hope you all enjoyed it as well.


    A few notes going forward:

    – Class will not meet at Discovery hall anymore. Come to the Innovation Lab (Rm 144) by 4:30 for class.

    – Full drafts are due by next Tuesday to your studio. But as a kindness to your studio group you should aim to have the drafts done by the weekend to maximize the time you have to get feedback….make sure you follow the naming convention.

    – If you have a theme you want to suggest we investigate as a class for the remainder of the semester, please email it to me.

    – Several of you have not accepted the Balsamiq account invitations. I know when you do, and I know when you do work….and I’m tracking this for your grades. (Think Vigilance…and discuss the implications in the forum for bonus points).

    – Come to class prepared to work on the prototyping tutorials in class next time. I’ll update the schedule to match this expectation. (i.e., the tutorials are not due this week or next, focus your time on the papers and reading).

    I want you to enjoy your break, but yes, you do have reading to do, and you have an assignment that is due immediately afterwards. So work with your studio to figure out how to get it all done, with feedback, while minimizing stress.

    When you receive feedback from studio members on your writing, leave it unresolved, but comment that you addressed it or even better, comment on how you addressed it. I’ll be tracking the volume of *quality* feedback everyone provides.

    Please respond with questions, criticism, feelings of ambivalence, etc. here.

    Again, thank you all for a blast tonight.



    PS – Jacob and Sam will be presenting boyd and Garfield next time we meet.