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    Hi Class,

    We are coming up on the deadline for the final versions of this paper. Because I caught a flu last weekend that put me behind all week I didn’t have a chance to provide feedback on the drafts that were due last Tuesday yet. I’m working on them now.

    I do notice that some of you are not following the instructions for the assignment. I won’t be as lenient with grading this time because this is substantial work to review all these papers multiple times, so check the assignment details and make sure you are doing what is expected. I am assessing studio participation based on comments in the *Google Doc* and discussion in the studio forums. As a word to the wise, some groups or individuals have no visible activity, which will earn 0 pts for the 2nd studio participation score, translating to roughly a grade level loss.

    I’m going to extend the deadline for the critique-a-saurus until Friday (Oct 24) @ midnight because of the delay in getting feedback.

    For next class make sure you’ve started the Balsamiq tutorial(s). I know several of you haven’t created accounts yet, and the expectation is that your work is created in the shared space so other people in the class can see it. If you are using balsamiq in some other form, that is not considered satisfactory.

    For the next class we will have a guest speaker, Doug Woolsey, a senior game designer we hired from Paragon studios, with ~15 years of experience in the industry before deciding he wanted to work on games beyond their entertainment goals. Doug has recently closed a successful Kickstarter campaign for a game he and two colleagues designed, and will be discussing the game design process for another game he is working on now.

    We will follow the discussion with Doug with a brief review of the readings from fall break, and maybe a quiz on the readings. After that we’ll make sure everyone is functional with balsamiq so that you can start working on the designs of your games for the next boss.