• Adam Ingram-Goble posted an update in the group Group logo of Full ClassFull Class 4 years, 9 months ago

    Hi all,

    I’m guessing that many of you saw that grades were submitted last night. If you didn’t get a grade that you feel reflects your participation and work in the class accurately, as always I’m happy to accept a revised assignment or discuss it briefly. I don’t have much time to change grades this semester though, so you’d need to do that asap.

    Generally, your grades are more about equitable assessment of your participation and development efforts in the class than they are about giving a strict ranking of you against classmates. So if there is any issue where you feel the evaluation isn’t accurate, I’d like you address it with me.

    All that said, I thoroughly enjoyed the final papers. You all did wonderful jobs. If you missed any points it was due to typos/lack of polish, format problems (paper was written not to a general audience), missing articulation of mechanics, or what you wanted players to experience and how successful the work was at meeting that goal. Any of which are easily addressed. Due to time constraints, I’m not intending to send papers with specific comments unless you specifically request it for the purposes of revising your grade.

    Thank you all for working with me this semester. Hope you all have a great and restful break,