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    Game Basics
    Singing is fun. It works in tune with the game and allows you to interact with other players and objects in the game. You can sing to banners and what appear to be stones or graves. I didn’t necessarily notice the difference in burst but I did notice an increase in the area the soundwaves covered. When I ran into other players one would generally follow the other. We did try to talk at one point with sounds but it ended up sounding almost like a beatbox. It was far more effective to just follow each other. I took the lead in one of the last sections and I think I helped the other player understand how to handle that level.
    Theme Insights
    I grew accustom to singing being the only way to communicate. It flowed well with the game audio wise so I enjoyed it. It took some time to figure out how objects responded to how I sing. Different cloths responded differently. The best way to communicate I found was to lead by example. This was much easier than singing. I didn’t really manage to bring across any ideas to other players so I’m not sure how that was supposed to work. At first I did try to sing to get them to follow me. That worked mildly well. I think walking and then stopping so they could catch up worked best.
    World Connections
    I see a lot of lead by example communication tactics in the real world. I think it is also easy to understand, it just takes time. Eye movements and facial expressions also work well. If you only had singing I think communication would be possible using voice inflections. The way you communicate with objects the same way, yet get different results is a direct representation of the real world. Honestly I’m not sure where to start in creating my own language.