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    Here’s my final paper
    Opening to my paper and Inspiration (sort of):
    During the last portion of the semester, I was given the task of making a game based around the theme of empathy. For other students this was a lot easier than it was for me, and not because I’m not an empathetic person, but because I was trying to place this theme over a game I was already working on in my spare time. Having the theme work with my game wasn’t the only struggle I ran into however, I needed to be able to teach my player to feel empathy and show compassion for others. This lead me to making a game drastically different from the one I had been working on, but also one I’m glad that I made because it opened my eyes to how a game could be used to teach experiences and make others reflect on their own personal character. The making of my game started with something very chaotic and meaningless to something structured and meaningful.
    here’s the link to my presentation: