• Cassandra posted an update in the group Group logo of Full ClassFull Class 4 years, 9 months ago

    So far my aunt, mother, and father have played my game. My aunt has been giving me some good advice and feedback.

    But, there are two things that have been interesting are that my dad pointed out right away that my title screen is a city map of Grand Forks, North Dakota and even pointed out a street that my mother grew up on.

    My aunt is more amused that I added a certain ‘trademark’ upper midwest state slang: the “doncha”. She’s be telling everyone that she is so happy and amused that I added it in.

    Also my mom commented that one of the characters reminds her of nearly every parent of a student she is working with. I gotta say I’m kinda happy that she noticed that was what I was getting.

    So far I have mostly been play testing with the older folks which is kinda the type of audience I want to focus the appeal to since most visual novels I have come across don’t appeal to them.