• Cassandra posted an update in the group Group logo of Full ClassFull Class 4 years, 9 months ago

    Since my game takes a bit of time to play due to it’s set up, I’ll put this mock up version here to download:

    I hope a few people can give me some good feedback about it. My biggest worry is that I need to overhaul the points system for the endings or expand it to affect more people.

    And I need to make Johan’s portrait which is on my other computer.

    • More on the points system. Depending on the way things are said or decided will counts towards the ending. There are three characters that currently have option to get character ending and each have 3 questions and a total of 6 points total. If you get above 3, you’ll unlock their ending.

      However, I’m wondering about adding a fourth choice (though it would add length) to help offset people who didn’t choose an option on one of the 3 point questions.

      Another option would be figuring a good (3-5) and a great ending (6), but I feel that the great ending variation could be seen as ‘unrealistic’ in context to the story.