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    Here’s what I’ve got. Too cynical, do you think?

    • Hi Janet, this is a really engaging start. I don’t know anything about this game, so you might choose to include a brief (2-or-so sentence) explanation of the game itself, that would help! (my opinion)
      I like your setup, as well. It’s different from the papers I have seen and written, and I think I might take note from your writing style, and how you break your sections up so clearly. I definitely appreciated the brief overview of what your paper would explain, as well as the walkthrough of how your experience in the physical world affected overall gameplay.
      Final critique; you leave many clues as to what happens in the game, but I think if you just added in a generic explanation of the game, then it could help me follow your paper and formulate my own opinion, too. As is, I use all of your notes to cue my own reactions. But perhaps the point of this entire paper is to get a very unique, fleshed-out perspective? Hopefully more critiques will help you determine how to move forward! Again, I thought you gathered your thoughts and materials into a very orderly and interesting manner. Thanks for sharing!

      • Thanks, Janelle. That’s very helpful as well. I still need to find some outside player-participation response to the game (haven’t searched yet) so that might give me some ideas on how best to summarize what it’s about. I don’t think two hours of play has given me a very clear idea!

        • Janet I love the way your paper is organized. I think your paper will definitely benefit from the outside player-participation response. You did a great job of explaining Civilization 5 for such a short time of playing. It’s a very deep and complex game. I’m excited to see how it all comes together.