• Janet posted an update in the group Group logo of Digital TouristsDigital Tourists 4 years, 10 months ago

    Hi Team! Good discussion on Tuesday!
    I have an idea for a game on our theme. Tell me if this title is suitably intriguing:
    “So You Think You Want Honesty.” Or better with a question mark:
    “So You Think You Want Honesty?”

    • I like it, Janet. I’m excited to hear your ideas. Do you know what direction you are going for your game?

      I think I will base mine on an interesting interaction I learned about between two companies: a wholesaler and a service company that buys/uses the wholesale supplies. The wholesaler basically tried to get away with providing lower quality supplies by threatening the service company, who was toeing their contract by attempting to re-sell the supplies. I’m thinking about a game where there is either temptation or encouragement to exploit other companies (whether it makes your own company look better, or it keeps you out of trouble with your own wrongdoings). If I’m thinking correctly, the game would probably employ contestation for the players, because companies involved in this behavior are clearly not acting with integrity.

      • For my game it’s related to stuff I teach. People always say they want to be in a relationship with someone “honest,” but then they want to wiggle around the truth themselves “so they don’t hurt the other person’s feelings.”

        I like your idea about using a corporate frame. It gives you a lot of possible directions and complications — changes in government policies, for instance. Cool idea!

      • I think it’s a good idea. Just make sure it’s not overly competitive like we learned in class on Tuesday too much is can cause social problems for the players.