• Janet posted an update 4 years, 9 months ago

    When we first picked the topic of integrity, I thought, “Oh, good. What game can I make out of that?” But from our team discussion I realized I already had a lot of resources on the topic because I have taught several workshops for adult singles around the issue of honesty in relationships.
    Everyone says they want honesty, but then they ask me what they can say to get out of a date, or break off a relationship. When I suggest they simply tell the truth, they say “Oh no! I can’t do that!” And the answer to “Why not?” is “Because I don’t want to hurt their feelings.”
    At that point I always want to say, “So you think lying to them is going to help?” But I never say that.
    But I liked the idea of designing a game that would subtly encourage people to look at their behavior in these problematic situations. I rejected the idea of expecting people to actually BE honest as unreasonable. [It violates the social issue admonition from the Deterding video (2010, 2011).] But I could create a game where we played around with the IDEA of honesty, and therefore a play space in which people might choose to reflect on what integrity actually means in interpersonal relationships.