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    Deus Ex: Human Revolution Impact Guide

    Game Basics

    Find a “Praxis Kit”. What did you use it for? Why? [+1]
    The kits give you Praxis points, which you can then spend on upgrades for your augments.

    Visit a “LIMB Clinic,” and take advantage of the services. What did you do? Why? [+1]
    LIMB Clinics sell useful items that you can spend your credits on.

    Talk to several characters in the game. What are the beliefs about human augmentation? [+2]
    Augmenting is generally seen as an affront to nature, and unaugmented people see augmented people as what’s causing the evils of society.

    Theme Insights

    What does “Human Augmentation” mean in the game? Do your or someone you know have any
    augmentations? [+1]
    Augmentations in Deus Ex are when a human replaces a part of his body with machines. I don’t know anyone personally with a real augmentation (i.e. a prosthetic limb) but if glasses count, I know plenty of people who have augmented their vision.

    Why are augmentations valuable to Adam Jensen? Why would they be valuable to you? [+2]
    Augmentations let Jenson perform superhuman feats. They would be valuable to me because upgrading them opens up new avenues and ways to play the game.

    World Connections

    In the last few years, bio-medical technology advancements have resulted in many new human augmentations. Identify two such advancements. What do you think about them? What problem(s) do they solve? [+1]
    Performance enhancing drugs stimulate the body, and prolonged use builds body mass. Athletes and bodybuilders use them to improve their performance, although their use is generally frowned upon. Reliable pacemakers help keep the heart’s rhythm in check, and keep people who would have otherwise died due to a faulty heart, alive.

    Are technologies inherently good or evil? Using specific examples, argue your position. [+2]
    No, no technology is ever evil. Even pieces of technology used solely for killing, like guns, need an operator in order to function. Technology created for a good cause, like Alfred Nobel’s dynamite can be used for evil, but the dynamite itself is never at fault.