• Janelle Wilke uploaded the file: JWilke Mass Effect Game Analysis to Group logo of Digital TouristsDigital Tourists 4 years, 7 months ago

    This includes all of the themes I will explore for the Mass Effect game. It’s on the short side right now, but all feedback is welcome!

    • Hey Janelle!

      You have lots of great “critique” in here – especially relating things to the readings! Good analysis overall.

      A couple of suggestions–he has a very specific template for the order of this paper. That will help you give structure to yours, which right now wanders around a little bit (but I know it’s a draft and that’s to be expected).

      Also, the “ethnography” part of the assignment is about what it’s actually like for you to play through the game — how you feel, how you make choices. You’ve included a lot of good play references in your analysis, but I think we’re also supposed to include our play “experience.”
      Good work!

      • Appreciate it, Janet! I will implement both your critique and Adam’s when I’m composing my final draft!

        • Hi Janelle, I really liked the content of your paper. I’ve never played Mass Effect before but I felt like I fully understood the game mechanics you were explaining and how it related to your paper. I really liked how you expanded on how the experience reflected certain beliefs and such in real life.

          • Thanks, Andrew. I’m glad I could explain the lore in such a way that a non-player could understand. I’ll try to carry that throughout the rest of my paper.