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    First paragraph of my paper:
    This paper details my process of designing a game I call Bad Company. It is a game in which each player represents a small business or company, trying to reach a threshold of success. In this case, 5 points represents that threshold. Players use cards that will allow them to either “Collaborate” with another company (automatically giving that company a point) in an attempt to earn a point for themselves, or “Accuse” a company of a certain wrongdoing in attempt to detract a point from their score. These attempts will be determined successful or have no effect, depending on a coin flip. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the principle of integrity and how it has inspired my game, then explain how certain limitations and discussions with my group lead to a solid set of mechanics. Next, I will present the importance of meta game for the experience players will have, and how the resulting playtests demonstrate that my game caters to “Socializers.” Finally, I will discuss specific feedback my game earned, how I might improve it, and determine if my game successfully implements the principle of integrity.
    IGNITE Talk:
    I would be happy to post some of my material once I wrap up the finals I have!