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  • The game I created is a discussion-based game that relies heavily upon cooperation. Players are put into a medieval fantasy world and are assigned various roles. These roles consist of different classes such as Knight, Wizard, Cleric, Alchemist, and several others. Everyone playing is assigned a different role except for the Rogue class. There…[Read more]

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    One piece of information I found particularly interesting in the Cassel article was how the Barbie Fashion Design game was the highest selling children’s game in history at the time. I find it baffling how the female market is continually overlooked or blatantly ignored. Even when Laura Croft was finally introduced, the physical a…[Read more]

  • Here is my potentially finished impact guide. When submitting it, we email the professor directly, right?

    • I thought your guide was fantastic. I literally have no true criticisms to give, except maybe you may want your quote to be by a real person to give it more validity. And yes, we e-mail once we’re done

    • Awesome guide and yeah like Jacob said just send it to the professor. Just a suggestion send it as a .pdf, helps preserves the reading format.

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    The content is looking good. We’ll work on the formatting and adding additional information tomorrow.

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    Playing through Pokemon, I noticed the game can be categorized under several impact areas. The most prominent impact area is engaged citizenship due to the fact that the concept of Pokemon in its entirety can be summarized by the very definition the impact area. In Pokemon X and Y specifically, the player works together with their group of friends…[Read more]

    • I didn’t think about engaged citizenship. I could see that working. I too thought that Environmental Sustainability would work because of Team Flare’s goals and the obvious one, Pokemon themselves, and how a major theme of all Pokemon games, not just X and Y, is living side by side in balance with pokemon, which can be seen as living in balance…[Read more]

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    Hey everyone, I’m just making a post to confirm that the two games we chose are Half-Life 2 and Pokemon X/Y. The themes for both games will revolve around engaged citizenship.

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    Game Basics

    Shoot a portal high-up on a wall, and another at the bottom, and walk through it. What happens? What
    does a portal do? [+1]
    A portal essentially creates an immediate pathway between two areas that were not initially connected.

    Place a portal directly above you and another below you. What happened?[+1]
    By placing a portal directly…[Read more]

  • Bauerlein’s writing perfectly demonstrated what Prensky warned readers about. While reading the excerpt, I envisioned Bauerlein as bitter old man who refused to accept the technological advancements of society. Although I believe he makes several thought provoking statements, I was under the impression that he himself had an unusually thick…[Read more]

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