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    Game Basics

    Shoot a portal high-up on a wall, and another at the bottom, and walk through it. What happens? What
    does a portal do? [+1]
    A portal essentially creates an immediate pathway between two areas that were not initially connected.

    Place a portal directly above you and another below you. What happened?[+1]
    By placing a portal directly above and below myself, I am able to fall in an infinite loop.

    Use an Excursion Funnel to cross over a large gap. What does an Excursion Funnel do? [+2]
    An Excursion Funnel can be defined as an anti-gravity beam of light. By entering an Excursion Funnel, a player will be dragged in a certain direction while floating in a state of stasis.

    Theme Insights

    What does it mean to “think with portals”? How do you find yourself thinking as you play the game? [+3]
    To “think with portals” means to have full comprehension of the distortion of space. Portals introduce a completely new outlook on the existence of distance and extent.

    World Connections

    Why are momentum and movement concepts important in understanding how our world works? [+2]
    Momentum and movement are concepts that allow humans to properly perceive space. In addition to being able to understand scientific aspects of life such as physics, momentum and moment also help us understand the physical limitations of our own bodies.

    How does navigating in the game affect your thinking about how you use space in the world? [+3]
    After navigating in the game, it is easy to imagine what life would be like if humans had access to portal technology. The game influences people to consider how things like travel or everyday life would differ if the concept of space was suddenly made irrelevant.