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    Playing through Pokemon, I noticed the game can be categorized under several impact areas. The most prominent impact area is engaged citizenship due to the fact that the concept of Pokemon in its entirety can be summarized by the very definition the impact area. In Pokemon X and Y specifically, the player works together with their group of friends in order to understand the reasoning behind each other’s motivation towards certain goals. Within the group, the player strives for the common good by working together alongside their Pokemon. In this case, the common good being to fight against Team Flare who desires to destroy the world. Environmental Sustainability is another concept that takes place in Pokemon. Not only does the player have to conserve items for precise moments during battle, but the existence of Pokemon themselves force the player to be resourceful when capturing and carrying various types of Pokemon in the party. As for themes we can discuss the pros and cons of different types of Pokemon and how we care for them, how we treat our friends in the game in comparison to the “villains”, and possibly even the method for collection money and how we use it on items.

    • I didn’t think about engaged citizenship. I could see that working. I too thought that Environmental Sustainability would work because of Team Flare’s goals and the obvious one, Pokemon themselves, and how a major theme of all Pokemon games, not just X and Y, is living side by side in balance with pokemon, which can be seen as living in balance with nature.