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    The game I created is a discussion-based game that relies heavily upon cooperation. Players are put into a medieval fantasy world and are assigned various roles. These roles consist of different classes such as Knight, Wizard, Cleric, Alchemist, and several others. Everyone playing is assigned a different role except for the Rogue class. There must be at least two Rogues when playing with the minimum amount of players (five total). Every role has different point values assigned to their attack, defense, magic defense, and magic offense. The only role that does not have point values assigned to their attributes is the Rouge. During a game, the group of adventurers will be venturing through five rooms within a dungeon. With each room (conflict card) they encounter, the adventurers will be tasked with overcoming the situation by properly using their point values. The heroes (those who are not the Rogues) will win of they can successfully identify both Rogues after making it out of the dungeon. If the Rogues manage to trick the heroes into making them believe someone else is the Rogue, the Rogues will win. This is determined by a voting session at the end of the game.
    The inspiration behind my game was primarily based on the desire to create a fun interactive game that would discretely teach the players to actually feel the concept of cognitive empathy. I did not want to display the concept of empathy in a literal manner. Instead, I want the players to discover the underlying theme of the game firsthand through actual experience, regardless if they were aware of it or not. In order to achieve this, I decided to mask the game in a fantasy medieval aesthetic. The decision to go with this aesthetic was purely based on personal preference and a widely know preconceived concept. I have always found fantasy aesthetics appealing and enjoy imaginative games like Dungeons and Dragons. The inspiration for the layout and play-style of the game was derived from the combination of two similar discussion-based card games. These two games, Resistance and Werewolf, are both games that rely on deception, discussion, and teamwork. These game elements result in a chaotic yet intelligent atmosphere.
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