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    The Elite Four
    Theme: Empathy

    Sunny – The player starts with a certain amount of money and tries to obtain the highest amount of points. Player gets points by helping out the beggers who tells the player their story and ask for money. On the other hand, if there are flaws within the story it means the begger is dishonest and a fraud, if the player donates to them they lose points. The amount of money resets each day and the game ends after 3 days or when the player runs out of money.

    Kyle – This is a game that revolves around discussion and cooperation. There are many different of classes. The players who are not Rogues must identify the Rogues by the end of the game. If the Rogues succeed in staying hidden, they will win. All classes will remain hidden unless a conflic card states that a class must be revealed. Rogues must always perfom selfish actions, but can attempt to pose as a different class.

    Anand – Players are presented with situations and each choice they are presented with are worth a certain amount of points. The ending achieved are determined by the number of points earned. The points are hidden and the choices are not always the same, try and get the highest amount of points.

    Jacob – The player has just been initiated into a gang. Through the game, the player tries to survive and build up their reputation by conducting in the gang’s activity. The game attempts to show that empathy, while a useful human emotion, isn’t always appropriate depending on the current situation. More empathetic choices cause more health loss. Respect points reduce health loss during a choice.