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    I’m also really bad at writing blog posts on top of being really bad at doing presentations (it’s okay I failed the class anyways, thanks Peter). My inspiration for the game was the fact I am getting kind of sick of school and I am taking all these EDT classes. These EDT classes are awesome and engaging, while the expectations are kind of unclear but I learn a lot from them. I enjoy the discussions and thought provoking topics and the really great feedback from the classmate and the professor. It made me really think back on how primary education was not that great in terms of learning and making one satisfied with their learning, the upside and also downside was the interaction that one can have with the other people. In general, people would not describe school, fun even though they would say doing well in certain activities in school is fun. I want to portray the successes and the failures as well, how two people in the same situations can have different perspectives.

    Final Paper: