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    Sorry I am late had a very busy week.

    Game: Scribblenauts

    Impact Areas:
    Educational Relevancy- The game teaches you basic and advanced grammar. It uses the scenarios so that you can think up words to create objects and then use other words to change those objects. Like a dragon can become a tiny wingless dragon.
    It also teaches creative thinking and problem solving. By having the different scenarios to overcome, one has to create objects and manipulate present objects. All of it comes from the player with only minor prompts from the game itself.

    Engaged Citizenship- This one may be a stretch but I definitely felt that the game tried to push for a sense of community and helping each other out. Throughout the game you are helping local citizens and city officials as well as the environment around the community to better things. Helping others and pushing for a better community around the player engages them in a sort of community outreach and teaches them that doing so can be beneficial to all.

    I think the game is a great starter for young kids in elementary school to junior high. It is entertaining and teaches them some of the basic skills needed to succeed. Being able to think creatively and on your feet are very helpful skills for the world.

    • Sounds interesting for a word-enthusiast like me, Patrick.

      So would you say that getting involved in your community and “creating things is fun” are some possible themes?

    • Your selections for areas impact look good! Can you see yourself writing a guide for this game, and were you able to come up with any questions that can guide a player’s thinking/perspective of the game?

      • I think it’s worth a guide. I have a couple of pages of notes and you had good questions, so we could probably do something with this.

        • IGNORE THAT note! I thought we were “talking” about Million Years. Apply above note there!

        • Hi Janet! That message was actually for Patrick; but I agree! I think it would be very simple for us to make a ‘Million Years’ impact guide with our notes.

          • I just got done playing Scribblenauts Unmasked and it was the same theme. Helping people and teaching a diverse vocabulary grammar. I think it would be good for a guide. In Scribblenauts Unmasked all of your boss battles involve helping others to defeat an enemy.