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    My first two paragraphs:
    Named “The Hacker Game”, my game has as main topic the control over other people’s data, such as information about infidel couples, corrupt politicians and college history. To make the game a little more interesting, the player plays as an unemployed person that has severe health problems and only two thousand dollars; unable to find a job and without a health care plan, the player finds himself in a position that the only way to survive is using his hacking skills to obtain information and sell them. Failing to obtain enough money to pay for the medical bills the player will lose the game.
    To create an immersive environment, the player interacts with the game is through a black prompt, which looks like any operational system prompt. The objective is use the stereotype of a hacker (a person behind a black prompt with white text) to create interesting game and induce the player to focus on it, so the player could enjoy better the many nuances inside the game. In addition, the player is able to use any JavaScript function, making it even more interesting for those who know the programming language.
    Ignite Talk:
    I will try to post the game later (after the finals). I still have to put it on the host.