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    Ever since moving to the Phoenix a few months ago one of the things that has annoyed me is all the grass especially on golf courses. I used this as the motivation toward my game. My game is set in the future when phoenix is running out of water. There is only 60% of what is needed for a year left in reserve. The player’s goal is to make it through the year by making choices that cut the water consumption to the point of it being manageable. The core mechanic of the game is making those choices. Most of these choices are targeted at raising awareness of the ways water is being used in the phoenix area but the theme of empathy is brought into the game too by seeing what taking away water from people can cause.

    • If you haven’t yet, I totally suggest reading up on the LA water crisis and drought. You might get some last minute ideas for your game.

    • Sam, I think that is good motivation. If it is successful, it’d be a great application tool for people to understand conservation and make them think of ways to cut down on water usage.