Minecraft Impact Guide

Game Basics

What would happen if you cut down all the trees? What if you did not replant any trees? [+2]

The answer to this changes depending on the version on the game played. I played on a PC, and found that if you remove all the trees in a certain area they will be gone forever, but you can move along and find more as the PC version of the world is almost endless and will keep generating new areas with tree.
I also gave the game a try on the Xbox 360 version, and in this one the world is not endless like the PC version, and the resources the area starts with are the resources you are limited to, so if all the trees disappear then there won’t be any more trees unless more are planted using saplings

How do harvesting and building affect the environment? Are there any unlimited resources? What can you
do to make sure you have resources available? [+3]

This also depends on the version of the game being played since the PC version is endless. Using the Xbox 360 version, harvesting and building has a visible impact on the environment, the player can see where they took their resources from, there’s a visible emptiness of lack of stuff where resources are gathered from. Holes can be be seen in mountains. Some resources, such as drops from NPCs are unlimited as long as the NPC is also unlimited such as enemy units. Renewable resources such as trees can be unlimited as long as the player remembers to plant the saplings and make sure there are trees available to them in the future.

Theme Insights
Try to replenish resources through breeding animals and planting trees. Did these actions have a positive
impact on your game world? [+2]

creating a small farm of pigs and replanting trees had a very positive impact in the game. It takes advantage of what’s renewable so that it may be used over and over again, never having to worry about the supply of wood and food in the game.

What resource do you wish you had more of? Why is it hard to get? How can you change that? [+3]

everything that can be picked up in Minecraft is a resource, so the rarer the item, the of it I want. Some things though are super hard to get because they are part of a quest or a drop from an enemy such as the dragon egg. To get them items, you simply have to get better at the game, create better gear using other resources, and go questing for them.

World Connections

Why are mining and farming important in the real world? How are they limited? [+2]

Mining in the real world is important as it provides us with the mineral based resources that make up most of the technology and infrustructure we use today. Its hard to find something or someplace that doesn’t have a mineral resource used in its construction in our world today. Mineral resources are limited to what can be found. Farming is important since it supplies food to our large population sizes, however, unlike mineral resources, cattle and crops are renewable which allows us to create even more of the resource through breeding and planting seeds.

Are all resources renewable? Identify a renewable resource in the world. How is the use and renewal
managed? [+2]

All resources are not renewable. Most resources are not, or we don’t have a means to renewing them just yet. Recycleable resources are in a way, renewable as we can take them and transform them into a new form. Like minecraft, the two truely renewable resources in the world are livestock and crops, which we renew through breeding and growing seasons. Trees in the real world are renewable, however we don’t seem to be planting enough compared to the number we are destroying.