Mincraft impact guide

what mode did you choose? the completed world which is already made by the game producer or the new empty world?  +2

in the first time i enter this game, i chooses the survive mode and got in to the game space which is already completed, because it is the default setting.

what is the first thing you do when you first enter the game space? how does the interface influence you next move?  +1

i naturally attempt to use W A S D to control my move because i have noticed that it is in first person perspective, meanwhile, i also try the left click of my mouse to see if there will be any function in the system. the interface of this game is very simple, basically all the icon are pixel arts, just like the theme of this game.

is there any interesting setting in this system? what is it?  +2

the inventory system was tricky for me, this game does’t display all the slot and option in its interface, the only thing you have at the beginning are several empty slots, it takes time to discover the hidden function, after i got known with the inventory system the first thing i did is to equip gears for my hero, but it seems does’t do much for my hero. i wasn’t surprised by this because i knew this is not a battle game.

what did you expect to do? and how did you plan to do it.  +1

the pixel art style remind me lego toy brick, so i expect to build some house by  building a rectangle rail first.

how did the material option influence you building plan?  +2

even though this game did provide a wide material option  for us, but they are all presented by cube, this feature made me unconsciously prefer to make building at first because they all looks like brick.