Course Schedule

Please note that the course schedule could change throughout the semester depending on the class progress and needs. Any changes to the syllabus will be discussed in class. The instructor reserves the right to make the necessary changes to the syllabus.


  • Dates in the schedule are course dates. Review the active Quest description in the Quest-Line to see the details of what you need to do to be prepared for class.


Week Date Mission Readings Boss Assignments Due

Quest: Developing Your ‘Critic’

1 8/26 Game? Impact? Society? What?(An Introduction to Games, Technology, Society, & Impact) This Syllabus  
2 9/2 The Tech Affecting Society(The Effects of Tech on Society) Prensky (2001a)&(2001b)Bauerlein (2008), pp.1-10 
3 9/9 As Society bends to the will of Technology, so Technology bends as well.(The Relationship of Technology & Society) Volti (2004)Langdon (2004)

Quest: Getting Graphic About Ethnos

4 9/16 And Then He Got All Cultural…(Games & The Ethnographic Approach) Barab (2004)
Steinkhuler (2006)
The Notorious P.I.G
5 9/23 That’s What She Said!(Critical Issues: Race & Gender) Cassel (2002)
Everett & Watkins (2007)
Gee Learning Principles
6 9/30 It’s Not A Fetish, It’s Just An Ideology(Understanding Games & Ideology) DeVane & Squire (2008)
Bogost (2006)

Quest: And Now It’s Your Turn

6 10/7 That’s Close-ish Enough(Design, Affordances, and You) Norman (2002/1988) Chpts 1-3
Salen & Zimmerman(2004) Chptr 23
Fullerton (2008) Chpts 1-3
Salen & Zimmerman (2004) Chptr 3 & 9
 Critique-a-saurus draft
8 10/21 When Keepin’ It Real Goes Wrong(Meaning, Mechanics, and Systems)    Critique-a-saurus final
9 10/28 Let’s Just Call It ‘Social-Physics’(Socio-Cultural Mechanics) Boyd (2008)
Garfield (2000)
Brown (2009)

Quest: My Business Is Your Business, Unless It’s Successful

10 11/4 Thou Shalt Monetize Thy Neighbor(Gamification & Its Discontents) Zicherman (2011)
Deterding (TBD)
11 11/11 Veteran’s Day – No Class  
12 11/18   You Say The NGO Had a Runway Show?(Games & Models of Impact) Waddington (in press)
O’Reilly (2007)
13 11/25 Play-test session none Playtest Supreme, Hold the ‘Guac (due Saturday 11/29 @ midnight)
15 12/2 Ignite: Enlighten us, but make it quick   The Igniter  

Journey’s End

16 12/9 No Class / No Exam   Dr. Impacto

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