Quest 1: Developing Your ‘Critic’

Through this Quest you will gain insight into what games are, and start to understand how they impact society. This will require you to play at least one game, reflect on its impact potential using an Impact Guide, and participate in discussions both online and in-person.

Quest: “Game? Impact? Society? What?” (Week of Aug. 26)

Description Post-hoctor Doctor Ingram-Goble calls out to all Gamers and Non-Gamers: Get ready to critique! Together we will wade through the murky shallows of Impact, Games, and your near futures!
  1. Play iCivics “Do I Have A Right?” and discuss the experience your fellow adventurers at the weekly gathering.
  2. Register account & complete profile
  3. Complete and submit guide responses as a blog post for your assigned guide from the following list of Player Impact Guides by 8/30 @ 7pm. This is to ensure everyone has time to complete Challenge 4.
    1. Pandemic
    2. Spent
    3. iCivics “We the Jury”
    4. Journey
    5. Flower
    6. Minecraft
  4. For each game you didn’t play, read and comment on one blog post by a fellow adventurer.

Quest: “The Tech Affecting Society”  (Sept. 2)

Description Prensky and Bauerlein have shared some harsh words about you, and how technology has shrunk your capacity to meaningfully engage society. Digest their arguments, and prepare for word-battle.
  1. Prepare for class by reading
    1. Prensky (2001a,b)
    2. Bauerlein (2008)
  2. Discuss these readings with fellow adventurers at the weekly gathering. (slides from class)
  3. During class work with your studio group to identify two impact guides you will complete. Select your guides from
    1. Two members of each group should play and complete the guide (except the bonus challenge). Post your guide responses to the group forum using the same format as the first post.
    2. Within the group, discuss the gameplay and guide experiences. What did you like? Dislike? What would you change?
    3. Post a summary for your studio’s experience to the Quest-Log (full-class blog).
  4. Complete and submit guide responses as a post in your studio forum. 
  5. Discuss the impact guide experiences and responses with your studio by commenting on their posts. 

Quest: “As Society bends to the will of Technology, so Technology bends as well.” (Sept. 9)

Description Volti and Langdon eschew the arguments of Prensky and Buerlein, focusing instead on the reciprocal relationship between technology and society. Demonstrate your mastery of technology as you bend it to your impact purposes.
  1. Prepare for the gathering on 9/10 by reading
    1. Volti (2010)
    2. Winner (2004)
  2. Discuss these readings with fellow adventurers at the weekly gathering.
  3. Explore a news topic as an entry to the Newsgames genre (Game Design Activity).
  4. Studios work together to:
    1. Identify two (2) themes they will explore, aligned to their impact areas.
    2. Identify two (2) games for which they will create Impact Guides.
    3. Write a collective pitch for an Impact Guide posted to the group by @ 5pm on the Monday following this class.
    1. Use this template to develop your pitch.
    2. This is an example of a good pitch document.

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