Quest 4: The Extension

No bit of technology, wether hardware such as a hammer or computer chip, nor software such as a grading rubric or game, exists context free. These bits of technology are always seen through cultural lenses that inform us as to their meaning. In this Quest-Line you will be developing your skills as an Ethnographer, to help you refine how you see cultures’ influence and relationship to technology through the lens of games.

11/18 – Mission: “Flash In Yo’ Face….book(The Web & Casual Gaming)”

Description  As a final jaunt into gaming in this journey, you must consider models of impact, and how
  1. Prepare for class on 11/18 by reading
    1. Waddington (in press)
    2. O’Reilly (2007)
  2. Discuss these readings with fellow adventurers at the weekly gathering.

11/25 – Mission: “Prove your Design-worth! Playtest Demos

Description  Well, its done. The course, that is. Time to share out your games, and bring a little light to the end of the semester.
  1. Bring any materials needed to demo your games, and share them with your peers.

12/2 – Mission: “Ignite our Minds!

Description  As a final classroom bout, you and your fellow journeyers will enter a crucible of thought, wit, and design, as you regale us with the tales of your design, and lessons learned.
  1. Prepare and present a presentation in the ignite format.

12/7 – Mission: “Journey’s End

Description  You are done. Congratulations!
Boss Battle
  1. Submit your final paper by 12/7 at midnight.