Pandemic II Review by Sunny Liu

Game Basics

• Choose different types of symptoms to start the game. What type of symptom did you choose?

I chose the the virus because it spreads and evolves really fast and have the fastest possible game. Having played this game a few time I know how long it can take.
• What are evolution points and how do you get them?[+1]

Evolution points are obtained by spreading your disease.
• How does your evolution help spread your disease?[+2]

It helps by making your disease tougher, spreads faster and kills more effectively.

• Read the breaking news on the left corner. What is happening in the world and how does it inform your

So if my country is not going to first worlds, I would invest in the immunities to drug and also I don’t want to my disease known till I am killing people so I have to be careful with my evolution.
• Looking at the map, what countries are the hardest ones to infect and why?[+3]

Madagascar in this version for sure because there is only one way in and out. In their more recent version which is a full game that is on steam, Greenland and Sweden are huge pain.


Theme Insights

What kinds of traits did your disease begin the game with? How did those affect your strategy?[+1]

Mine started with coughing I believe which was nice it’s visible but not that serious and helps spread the disease nicely.
• How effective was your disease against humanity? Would you evolve in the future? Why?[+2].

I failed because of Madagascar, I think I would probably choose the more discrete evolution to avoid getting detected and save the more lethal ones for later.
• How do natural disasters in the world help your disease spread faster? [+2]

Things break down and make people go to shelters and lower their living standards which helps transmissions.
• For the countries that were not infected, why did the infection not spread?[+3]

For me personally, a cure was developed since I was hasty and the countries turned against me.

World Connections

• What is a pandemic? How is it different from an epidemic?[+1]

The former is something that can affect the world while the latter is on a significantly smaller scale.
• Have any pandemics ever happened during your lifetime? What were they and how did they affect the

The ebola virus right now is quite dangerous but it probably will not have major impact upon first world countries. Cancer is also another one if I just generalized the diseases.
• How do nations work to prevent pandemics?[+3]

Report the symptoms, create cure and drugs to help patients. Research the disease and micro-organisms and develop immunizations. Fold it.
• If the disease you created in your game was unleashed against humanity in real life, how effective do you think it would be? Would humanity be able to stop it be before it spreads out of control? Why?[+3]

Well, cells don’t evolve THAT  fast, it takes generations but anything is possible. I also don’t think the people in that game shower or washes hands. Humanity would probably be able to stop it, because in that game humanity reacts extremely slowly in the beginning and in real life we are progressing every day.
• How can a game like Pandemic II be useful against actual pandemics? [+3]

It can mimic the way diseases can spread depending on the place of origin and the type of disease and therefore help contaminate the infection and help the victims.